Paris is, definitely, one of the most enchanting and fascinating cities in the world. It is not by chance that it holds the title of birth place of western civilization as we know it at present.


What to do in Paris?

On foot, by subway or by bike, there are plenty of beautiful places to know and emblematic monuments to visit.
Here are some suggestions:

The Eiffel Tower, a revolutionary structure built by Gustav Eiffel for the Universal Expo in 1889, is still one of France’s symbols.

Avenue des Champs Élysées is one of the most famous avenues in the world along its 1,88km, from the Arch of Triumph to Concordia Square. It is the main high street in Paris.

Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum contains one of the world’s most valuable art collections in the world, beginning by the astonishing and most famous Leonardo da Vinci’s canvas, Mona Lisa. In this collection, there are pieces that are more than eight thousand years old: Greek and Roman samples, decorative items, Egyptian artifacts and works by famous artists like Ticiano, Rembrant, Michelangeloand Goya. You still have the possibility to know the ancient royal crowns and extremely luxurious bedrooms. With more than 12km of corridors, this ancient palace requires, at least, two days to be minimally explored.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral began to be built in 1163 at the peak of Gothic architecture and, therefore, is one of the most remarkable symbols of this construction style. As an important Christian monuments, this church is an homage to Mother Mary and is located on the small island Ile de la Cité, surrounded by the river Seine.

Versailles Palace, with its marvellous gardens and expositions.

For a romantic programme, the suggestion is a boat trip on the river Seine or, for an amusing family afternoon, Disneyland will be an excellent choice.