Sal is an island for beach, sun and water sports lovers. The island of Sal owes its name exclusively to the salt extraction industry that flourished in there between the 18th and the middle of the 20th centuries.


What to do?

Sea and sun

With sea water temperatures of 25º throughout the year, the beaches are authentic paradises for sun and sea lovers.

The irresistible bay of Santa Maria, with about 4km of golden sand and turquoise water is the most visited destination on the island.

Other beaches are also mandatory: Buracona, Ponta Preta, Murdeira bay, Rabo de Junco, Parda, Curral.
Enjoy and get to know the place near Buracona, called “Odjo Azul”, so known because when the sunlight reflects on the water, the blue color is so intense and of a singular beauty that it reminds us of a human eye.

Water sports

The island is considered one of the best spots in the world for windsurfing and other water sports, like surfing, kitesurfing, diving and fishing. Ponta Preta, in the southwest of the island, offers a unique scenario for water sports.
Sal Island is part of the 1st stage of the World Kitesurf Circuit in wave and free style modalities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the enormous beauty of the marine fauna of this island.

You can’t miss the walk to the Salinas de Pedra de Lume. It’s a salt lake inside the crater of a volcano that was extinct a long time ago. Situated below the sea level, the water is hot and 27 times saltier than the sea water.  Its color acquires different shades, between turquoise blue, white and pink. Due to the amount of salt that is in there, the bodies float and the feeling of relaxation is great

In September, one of the main music festivals in the country, takes place on the beach of Santa Maria.