Pay attention to procedures during check-in so that you can start your trip worry-free. 

For a smooth journey, pay attention to:

  • Information on the Airport panels;
  • Information on your boarding pass;
  • Guidance from the check-in agent.

Please note: The airport is quiet.


  • Once at the Airport proceed to Terminal 1 Hall 3

The time limit is the minimum time in which the passenger must complete the formalities to be accepted on the flight and check the luggage before the flight departure time. To avoid any inconvenience, you must appear at the check-in counter according to the following:

  • Up to 3 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight..

Check-in closing time

  • Check-ins close 1h20 minutes before departure.

Boarding Time

After check-in, it is essential that all passengers are at the boarding gate no later than 1h before to ensure boarding. Doors close 20 minutes before departure time.

Excess baggage: what now?

Even knowing the rules and doing all the planning, sometimes we can’t travel with our bags within the weight and size allowed. But what to do?

With Cabo Verde Airlines you can purchase additional baggage allowance in advance and easily.

Make your purchase and learn more through our website or at your travel agency.

If the passenger does not check-in and/or board, he/she is considered a no-show and subject to a fine according to Cabo Verde Airlines policy.

You can also reed more information in the Security & borders controls: key steps before boarding page.

Best wishes for a safe journey with Cabo Verde Airlines!